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Welcome to's College Search. If you're searching for a specific school, just type in any part of its name in Find this School and you'll jump straight to its profile. If you're starting from scratch, browse through Search Categories to choose what features you'd like your college to have. You can browse each search category one by one -- simply use the arrows on the top and bottom of each page to navigate through them. Or, jump straight to the category that matters most to you by selecting it from the menu on the left. As soon as you've chosen at least one criteria to search for, you can click Show List to view the list of schools that have those features. There you'll find extensive information about each school, as well as a link to each school's website.

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Find the answers to questions such as:
  • What career videos are available to learn more?
  • What skills, adbilities, and knowledge do I need?
  • What personality traits do I need to possess?
  • What technology is needed for this job?
  • How much education is needed for this career?
  • Where can I go to school for this post-secondary education?
  • What is the job outlook for this career?
  • What is the national/state salary and would I need to move?
  • What openings are available today?


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About With a focus on emerging trends and developments in online education, has been informing prospective students since 2009. provides free student guides and college search information, along with expert advice from Melissa Venable, PhD, an experienced online instructor and thought leader. 

Why is this resource so critical? It contains:

  • Answers to the most common student questions about scholarships, accreditation and the prevalence of online education in Pennsylvania
  • A curated list of the best scholarships available to Pennsylvania students, both distance learners and those interested in a traditional campus education
  • A detailed description of every accredited online college in Pennsylvania

You can see Pennsylvania’s page here: 


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At University Headquarters we are an industry-leading, independent educational organization. We have compiled a comprehensive set of information for students who wish to pursue a higher education. We are your all-in-one source for information on colleges, entrance requirements, and career paths. We provide career guides that will help you navigate all of the requirements to gain entry to programs, become certified, or move up the career ladder in your chosen field.

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