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College in the High School (St. Francis) » CIHS Overview & Contact Person

CIHS Overview & Contact Person

The College in High School Program is a partnership between high schools and Saint Francis University that gives students multiple options to earn credits. 
  • Dual Credit: Earn college credits in approved high school classes. Experience what college is like while earning college credits in high school, take fewer classes once you get to college, and save money! Dual credit courses cost much less than a traditional college class!
  • What is the cost for College in High School credits?
    • The tuition cost for our dual credit courses is $58 per credit hour ($174 for a three-credit course). 

College in High School provides many benefits for high school students, including earning college credit, saving money on tuition, and faster degree completion. Studies also suggest that dual enrollment increases a student’s academic performance in college!

Contact Person:
Gabrielle M. Cronin M.Ed
College in High School Coordinator
Saint Francis University
Division of Professional Studies
[email protected]
(814) 472 2811